solar-powered hotel transform perspective of life on Earth


















Planet Ocean’s underwater hotel is a concept that lets people spend days and nights in an ecologically friendly, submerged sea resort. Initially, one might think that this would be dangerous for the animal and plant life that it would be built next to but Planet Ocean’s managing director, Tony Webb says that “we want to help save planet Earth’s oceans from the on-going daily destruction taking place.” 

Webb, formerly of the outer-space tourism industry, refers to it as “inner space tourism” and let’s us know that “the new industry is now ready to launch into the ocean frontier.”  In fact, the entire operation is aimed at preserving the ocean life and is focused on “worldwide proven coral reef restoration.”  The entire hotel is powered by solar panels.The hotel offers 12 guest rooms, a lounge and dining area and an elevator to transport visitors from sea level to 28 feet below the surface. In addition to the stunning view of life under the sea, each luxury suite will offer a “King Neptune” bed, an Italian leather sofa, HDTV, room service, and WiFi. Single suite versions of the hotel are also being offered and currently being built in Cuba, Grand Cayman and The Lesser Antilles.










All of the action is available from elevator that goes from suite to surface and the entire hotel is considered a vessel because it is able to move and can relocate to avoid hurricanes.